Distillation process
Monovarietal marcs, still fresh, just a bit pressed and
dripping with must, are obtained after drawing off wine and
later are delivered at a distillery where they are stored in
order to keep fragrances and scents typical of the species
of vines. In short time, marcs are let down in discontinuous
steam copper alembics. This kind of production system,
called discontinuous, distinguishes itself from the continuous
type, also called “cotta”, because it alternates row material
charging phases with phases of discharging of the
exhausted marcs at the end of the cycle.
The alembics, used during the production of high quality
grappa, are characterized by perforated small baskets full
of marcs and placed one over the other so as to let the
steam discharge outside, pushed from the bottom towards
the top of the alembics.
Our monovarietal grappa
Good to taste, beautiful to see. Thanks to the result of an
exclusive research and design, the whole packaging of the
bottles expresses and enhances the quality of the products.
Both bamboo and Mazzetti personalized bottles, the last
one characterized by its bell-shaped bottom, are made of
extra white glass with luminescent reflections.
The thermoplastic gum cap is covered with a thin layer in
golden colour making precious the aesthetical look.
The upper part of the label, made by taking care of every
single detail, represents the bestowal of the marcs at
the old Mazzetti’s distillery in Montemagno, an elegant
reference to the Past and to an old-age custom.
The image of the case is well matched with the packaging
of the bottles.
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