Monovarietal Grappa “Bricco del Vignaiolo”
Dolcetto, cl. 70, 42°.
The vine
Autochthonous red berry vine. It is cultivated since the XVIII century in Piedmont,
between Acqui and Alessandria, and today also in the Asti area, Liguria, Val d’Aosta
and Oltrepo of Pavia, even though the birthplace par excellence is the Langhe area.
Leaf is medium size, often trilobated.
Bunch is long and conical and its grape is round and medium size. Pruinose, blue skin.
The name “Dolcetto” has not sure ethimology. On one hand, it goes back to
(hill, rise); on the other hand it recalls the sweetness of this vine.
Organoleptic–sensory notes
Look at it: a transparent, clear grappa. Hold it close to your nose and discover its
delicate perfume. Now taste it: dry, almond based with fruity notes.
Excellent as digestive after meal and with milk or dark chocolate, good also with small
pastries, cookies or tartlets.
Temperature of service
Grappa is used to be drunk between 9° - 13° C, ideal temperature especially for new,
aromatic grappa. If you have any doubts, it would be better to taste grappa in a cooler
way, in fact, before drinking it, it is always possible to warm it holding the glass in the
palm of your hand.
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