Barolo Affinato, cl. 70, 42°.
Monovarietal Grappa “Bricco degli Apostoli”
The vine
As Barbaresco, Barolo comes exclusively from the noble Nebbiolo vine, in its Lampia,
Michet and Rosé sub-varieties. Barolo is a Docg too, in fact it is “son” of the Langa
area. The excellence of a land including 11 communes from which stand out Middle
Age castles, over all the most important is the one of Barolo, that gives name to the
famous wine.
Organoleptic-sensory notes
Noble, sophisticated. Straw -coloured, its floral notes are typical of the distillate of
Nebbiolo and characterized its perfume. The toasted wood and vanilla essence is
enhanced thanks to the refining process in barrique.
Refining process
Just distilled mono-varietal grappa is stored for a period no less than 6 months in tanks
made in Inox steel; while refined Muscat and Barolo need a refining process lasting at
least 18 months in a 225 lt. barrique made in French durmast essence, Allier and Cher
wood 3 years seasoned. This process let the product gets the typical amber colour
characterized by a soft and vanilla savour.
Excellent as digestive after meal and with milk or dark chocolate, good also with small
pastries, cookies or tartlets.
Temperature of service
Aged grappa are served at about 17° C. If you have any doubts, it would be better to
taste grappa cooler, in facts, before drinking it, it is always possible to warm it holding
the glass in the palm of the hand.
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