Monovarietal Grappa “Bricco degli Apostoli”
Ruché, cl. 70, 42°.
The vine
Autochthonous Docg vine, cultivated in Piedmont in Castognole Monferrato and other
neighbouring communes in Asti province, including Montemagno.
Leaf is medium-small size with 3 or 5 lobates; ripe bunch is quite big and cylindrical.
Medium-small size, lots of bloom and black-blue colour characterize the grape.
Organoleptic-sensory notes
White colour and strong personality. Perfume mildly aromatic with violet scent.
At taste is warm, harmonious and soft.
Excellent as digestive after meal and with milk or dark chocolate, good also with small
pastries, cookies or tartlets.
Temperature of service
Grappa is used to be drunk between 9° - 13° C, ideal temperature especially for new,
aromatic grappa. If you have any doubts, it would be better to taste grappa in a cooler
way, in fact, before drinking it, it is always possible to warm it holding the glass in the
palm of your hand.
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