DOLCEUVA - Distillate of grapes
Stylized Mazzetti bottle in white glass cl 70, 40°.
Fine aquavitae of fruits carefully distilled and selected among the
most ripe, sound branch of grapes which are juicy and rich in taste.
Dolceuva is obtained through a distillation in copper alembics in a
bain-marie, according to an ancient, traditional method granting a
harmonic, genuine product.
Elegant case available on request.
DOLCEUVA NERA - Distillate of Ruché grapes
of Castagnole Monferrato d. o. c.
“Future” bottle in ancient green glass cl 50, 42°.
Fine distillate of fruits from d. o. c. Ruché grapes, exclusive, rare
and valuable vine of Castagnole Monferrato, Montemagno and
other five neighboring municipal districts.
Dolceuva Nera is a delicate, fragrant distillate, with rose and violet
scent typical of this vine.
Elegant case available on request.
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