Ruché is a native, rare, even better really rare, vine that produces a
noble, valuable wine. It is hold that is so called, Ruché, because it
is used to grow up and improve itself when it is set in raised places,
such as the top of our hills.
The wine, obtained from its extraordinary red berry grape, has a
delicate scent of rose and violet with a deep ruby colour.
It matches well with red meats and game. The production of this
“nectar” is limited, because its d. o. c. area is one of the littlest in
Italy, such area includes the municipal districts of Castagnole di
Monferrato, Montemagno, Grana, Portocomaro, Refrancore,
Scurzolengo and Viarigi.
Cl 75, 6 bottles per carton.
Available in single package with wooden box and accessories such
as cap, cork screw, batcher and drip-catcher.
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